3-SEATER SOFA BED at € 29 per month and with only 15 € more the PENINSULA

The Dermi ‘model is an ideal sofa bed for decorating your room with style and solving the recurring problem of hosting friends or relatives for the night. Its modern and simple design makes it perfectly adaptable to any home, city apartment or seaside villa. With 29 € per month you can buy the 3-seater sofa bed and with only 15 € more you can add the storage peninsula. We chose a nabucco upholstery, a stain-resistant fabric perfect for four-legged friends. Choose the color you prefer from those listed. Fill out the form below or call the toll-free number.

, Promo sofa beds, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

Dermì is the sofa that most of all combines aesthetics, functionality and comfort. A simple design adaptable to any style makes it perfect for all environments. The nabucco coating gives a pleasant sensation to the touch and being resistant and stain-resistant, it lends itself well to carrying out the task of gathering friends and relatives in serenity. With a simple movement it turns into a very comfortable bed with a surprising 17 cm high mattress. The peninsula hides a convenient container useful for increasing space in the house. Choose the color combination that best suits your environment.

, Promo sofa beds, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA
, Promo sofa beds, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

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