Pull-out bed

By pulling the handle located in the center of the side, the sofa turns into a comfortable bed.  This option allows you to increase the seating space in a few seconds and with a simple gesture.

sofa bed

In this option, the handle is placed in the center of the two backrests and by pulling it towards itself, the sofa transforms into a bed with an 18 cm high hypollergenic mattress. A trump card in case of unexpected guests.


Each seat can be equipped with an electric recliner, guaranteeing additional comfort. A convenient push-button panel placed on the side of the seat activates the mechanism.

Storage armrest

The armrest cushion hides a large storage for storing everyday objects such as toys, sheets, blankets, pillows and much more.


A system that offers a new concept of comfort and redesigns the living room landscape. Multifunctional thanks to the comfortable pull-out bed trolley and the storage pouf, it is the sofa suitable for the whole family. The soft cushioning of the backrest enhances the softness of its shapes. Thanks to the different modules that can be combined with each other you can get a variety of solutions.


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NicolaQuinto offre una vastissima scelta di rivestimenti. Dalla pelle premium a quella luxury, dal tessuto cotonato a quello smart, dal velluto a tinta unita a quello stampato con meravigliose fantasie, dalle microfibre smart a quelle antimacchia.

A te la scelta. Divertiti!

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NicolaQuinto offers a wide choice of upholsteries. From premium to luxury leather, from cotton to smart fabric, from plain velvet to printed velvet with wonderful patterns, from smart to stain-resistant microfibres.

The choice is yours. Enjoy!



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