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contract, Contract, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA
contract, Contract, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA
contract, Contract, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

The NicolaQuinto Contract division has always been at the service of architects, designers and customers with a particular attention to detail or a penchant for customisation. Thanks to a diverse team made up of top professionals such as designers, architects, prototypists, master upholsterers, NicolaQuinto is able to meet every need. 

With NicolaQuinto Contract everything is possible!

The realisation of an idea requires a solid project. Thanks to our team of experts, every project challenge is completed with the knowledge that limits must be overcome and the customer satisfied.

With the same care given to the realisation of our models, NicolaQuinto Contract offers a variety of services to realise all kinds of projects. Starting from the sketches, through the design phase and practically to the choice of materials, every product will be customised down to the smallest detail.  The NicolaQuinto Contract addresses the hotel sector, which is significantly adopting increasingly customised solutions. For example, hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, lounge bars need to identify themselves in a precise styleor be able to create a completely new one.  We also realise all kinds of projects in cooperation with interior design studios such as custom products even for small quantities. NicolaQuinto Contract also addresses business realities such as offices, companies and institutions such as schools.

some of our customers

Below are some of the customers who have chosen to work with NicolaQuinto Contract to realise their projects. The freedom to customise each product was the great advantage for the customer or designer to express their ideas to the fullest.

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