match best fantasies

The Modamilano collection comes from the selection of the models from the NicolaQuinto catalog, made with the best coverings on the market.

Research of fabrics

Made in Italy,  production according to traditional processing on a frame with a predominance of naturalfibers, cotton, linen, without chemical treatments.

Selection of leathers

Choice of high quality leathersprocessed by the best Italian tanneries.

love for details

Scrupulous studyand selectionof the accessoriesthat embellish each creation.

Furnishing accessories

Made with a sophisticated concept characterized by interlockinggames between different materials, by creating a single designobject.

Luxury Leather

, Collezione modamilano, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA
, Collezione modamilano, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

spun fabric

metal details

, Collezione modamilano, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

Renato D'Onofrio

, Collezione modamilano, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA
, Collezione modamilano, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

Convinced that there is a “red thread” between the different productions, Renato D’Onofrio is interested in  architecture, restoration, furniture and design. In every area, it combines contemporaneity with the  history, understood as experiences waiting to be explored with “new eyes”. In particular, in design it interprets the needs and desires of users and therefore assumes a position equidistant from Functionalism as an end in itself and from the aesthetic result unable to go beyond pleasure of sight; claims that the true beauty of an object comes from the harmonious composition and comfort it ensures during use. D’Onofrio believes that any object  should not be enjoyed only with the eyes but also with touch and even with the sense of smell; for these  reasons, it searches for the best materials, applies the construction techniques appropriate to the design theme  and takes care of the smallest formal details.

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