About Us

NICOLAQUINTO® was born thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of an entrepreneur from Lucania, who wanted to create a product that would enclose in its entirety the MADE IN ITALY, which has always fascinated the whole world. High quality, craftsmanship and elegance represent the distinctive trait of all the creations of NICOLAQUINTO®, a company that is based on solid teamwork; each one with their own experience and knowledge, contributes daily to the achievement of each single goal and to the creation of excellent products. Each model is born from different pencils and minds by creating a heterogeneous and versatile collection. A common distinctive element is the precious “NQ” pendant, symbol of a stylistic identification that makes the NICOLAQUINTO® design unique. The materials used to compose all the upholstery are of Italian origin: from the wood used for the frame to the upholstery, from the padding to the seat support straps. The sofas and armchairs of NICOLAQUINTO® can be customized thanks to the numerous coverings ranging from REAL LEATHER to FABRIC, all available in a wide range of colors, thus making every single creation unique. All the coatings come from the best Italian textile industries, as well as the leathers, which are the result of the noble art of tanning carried out in the famous Venetian and Tuscan factories. Every year the collections are constantly updated with new models, thus keeping up with the times and bringing a piece of Italy into homes all over the world.


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