About Us - The History of NICOLAQUINTO and the Passion for Sofas

Welcome to the "About Us" section of the official website of NICOLAQUINTO Italy. If you would like to know the heart and soul behind the creation of our exceptional sofas, you have come to the right place.

NICOLAQUINTO was born thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of a Lucanian entrepreneur so eager to create a product that would encapsulate in its entirety the MADE IN ITALY that has always fascinated the entire world.

High quality, elegance and, above all, craftsmanship are the hallmarks of all NICOLA QUINTO’s achievements. The company is founded on solid teamwork, each person with his or her own experience and knowledge thus contributing to the achievement of each individual goal and the production of excellent products.


Each sofa is born from different pencils and minds thus creating a diverse and versatile collection. Common distinguishing element is certainly the precious “NQ” pendant, a symbol of stylistic identification that makes the design of NICOLAQUINTO sofas unique .

All the materials used to make our sofas are, of course, sourced in Italy: from the timbers used for the frame to the upholstery, from the padding to the seat support straps.


Each sofa in the collection, can be customized in size, type of upholstery and color, making it for all intents and purposes unique. The fabrics come from the best Italian textile mills, as do the leathers, which are the result of the noble art of tanning made in factories in Veneto and Tuscany.

Each year the collections are constantly updated with new models of sofas and armchairs, thus staying abreast of new trends and customer needs.


Our History: Tradition and Innovation

The history of NICOLAQUINTO has deep roots in the Italian craft tradition. The company is built on solid teamwork. Each person with his or her own experience and knowledge thus contributes to the achievement of each individual goal and the production of excellent products. Founded as a small artisan workshop in the heart of Matera, Famous City of the Sassi,NICOLAQUINTO has been able to grow and innovate, incorporating the latest design trends without ever forgetting the quality and craftsmanship that distinguishes a made-in-Italy sofa.

Our Philosophy: Quality First

We believe that a sofa should be more than just a piece of furniture. For us, each sofa is a work of art, a unique piece made with love, care and attention to detail. We carefully select the best materials, from sturdy structure to fine fabrics, always ensuring the highest quality and durability.

Innovation and Sustainability

In NICOLAQUINTO, we look to the future without forgetting our roots. We are constantly investing in research and development, seeking innovative solutions to make our sofas increasingly sustainable, environmentally friendly and in tune with the needs of the modern world.


1. Artisan Tradition: Each sofa is the result of hours of manual labor, where tradition meets innovation.

2. Quality Materials: From the finest leathers to durable and comfortable fabrics, we use only the best for our customers.

3. Italian Design: The elegance, functionality and unique style of Italian design are present in each of our pieces.

Behind every NICOLAQUINTO sofa is a story, a tradition, a unique passion that grows over time.

We strive every day to offer the best to our customers, certain that a sofa is not just a piece of furniture, but an essential part of the home, where memories can be made and special moments shared.

We invite you to browse our website, discover our collections and contact us with any information or curiosity. With NICOLAQUINTO, you take home a piece of authentic Italian craftsmanship.


NICOLAQUINTO... Sofas with an Italian Heart

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