Nicolaquinto and Poliigon :

A unique experience of collaboration in the world of design.

polygon, Nicolaquinto and Poliigon: a unique experience of collaboration in the world of design., NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

La Nicolaquinto Italia, a company specializing in the production of high-quality sofas, recently concluded the first phase of a new collaboration with the Poliigon platform, a leader in 3D model creation and sharing.

The collaboration between Nicolaquinto e Poliigon is based on synergy, the craftsmanship of furniture products and the potential of digital technology. Thanks to the digital capture of the sofas NicolaQuinto, you can create extremely detailed models that faithfully represent every curve and texture of real products. These models can be used by users for their digital creations, such as interior renderings, animations or virtual reality projects.

The use of realistic digital models can offer significant advantages for digital artists and architects, allowing them to visualize NicolaQuinto sofas in their designs with precision and realism. The quality of the materials and textures on the Poliigon platform ensures a high-level visual experience, allowing the aesthetics and quality of the products of NicolaQuinto.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Nicolaquinto e Poliigon represents an important step forward in promoting and sharing products through 3D technology. Thanks to the availability of NicolaQuinto models in digital format on the platform Poliigon, users have the opportunity to enrich their projects, achieving high aesthetic and quality results.

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