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The Patriarch

A project entirely made in Italy


Once again, “NicolaQuinto Italia” is collaborating with the entertainment world, contributing to the realization of major successful TV products by supplying its top models for the set design of the new Mediaset TV series “IL PATRIARCA.”

Intrigue, power plays and family drama. All this in six episodes directed and performed by Claudio Amendola in the company of a stellar cast, including: Antonia Liskova: Serena Bandera, Neva Leoni: Lara De Grecis, Raniero Monaco di Lapio: Mario Rizzi, Carmine Buschini: Carlo Bandera and many more.

The set of Oxford, Classic, Alice, Vanna and Altea sofas, the Stella and Ferruccio armchairs, and the Savana Liberia, are the names of our leading actors in the drama, always ready to take the stage to enhance their surroundings and make every conversation comfortable and elegant. Designed to enter any space with personality, expressing the quality of their unique character to the fullest.

We are proud to have contributed to the creation of an entirely Italian production that chose NicolaQuinto sofas.

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