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vegan leather, nope – vegan leather, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

the vegan leather that looks to the future

An alternative and environmentally sustainable raw material.

vegan leather, nope – vegan leather, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

One has to work consciously in the present to be able to look to the future with optimism.

Already with the modamilano fabric collection, NicolaQuinto has laid the foundations for a project devoted to sustainability and respect for the environment.

The materials research and development department has continued along this green path and found the natural alternative to all types of leather of animal origin. The result was surprising. A sustainable material derived from cactus processing.

NOPE is a naturalchoice

Nope is an environmentally sustainable fabric made from the leaves of the cactus plant, a true vegan leather that is completely plant-based and has a low environmental impact. It is characterised by its soft touch, performance and compliance with the strictest quality and environmental standards.

NOPE can be compared to real leather in all technical specifications but with the added value of the natural uniqueness.

NicolaQuinto is committed to creating new sustainable solutions and promoting green ethics, to help build a better world also through the fashion industry.

Vegan leather is therefore a cruelty-free product, made from natural and environmentally friendly substances, which results in a soft and durable upholstery.

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