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The babe and the nerd show

Pupe and Secchioni comfortable on the sofas and beds by NicolaQuinto Italia.

Eccentricity and authenticity are the keywords of the new television program entrusted to the queen of reality shows Barbara D’Urso. A show renewed both in terms of formula and furnishings, entrusting the comfort of competitors to NicolaQuinto Italia

Contrast is the denominator that characterizes the spirit of the program and is reflected in the style of the furniture. So we can see that in the classic style 17th century villa, our creations reflect the nature of the environment in form but contrast with bright colors.

la pupa e il secchione show, The babe and the nerd show, NICOLAQUINTO ITALIA

A striking example are the sofas of the Altea collection that adapt to the seventeenth-century living room but covered with a navy blue velvet confer modernity and eccentricity. The bedrooms are embellished with our Cleopatra and Aurora beds, made with brightly colored velvet, perfect for contemporary and traditional settings. The Bubble armchairs, with sinuous curves, recall the colors of the eclectic spring coordinated by the Ponza and Corsica poufs. The Alice sofa made in velvet and bouclè versions. The Sabrina armchair that intrinsic elegance and its precious decorations make it both romantic and modern. The Mitica armchair perfect for any environment, the swivel base allows a natural movement that frees the spirit and rests the mind. Finally, the Living armchair made in three original velvet colors, placed in the bedrooms. All the accessories are created by our designers and handmade by Italian artisans.

sofas with an Italian heart

NicolaQuinto becomes the protagonist of a successful reality show led by Barbara D’Urso who loves colors and challenges, just like us.

NicolaQuinto thanks to Mediaset and the Reality “La Pupa and the Nerdy show” was able to interpret the customer’s needs by entering the location and leaving his mark. We face every opportunity and transform our ideas into creations of extraordinary beauty with determination and enthusiasm, always putting our heart into it. AnItalian heart.

The products inside the villa of "La Pupa and the Nerdy show"

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