The natural beauty of uniqueness

A precious, natural and refined coating. There are various types in the range, each with a different character. This timeless and durable material gives the sofa a unique and elegant style. The colours of the leather are varied and meet every need, equally important are the combinations of different coloured leathers. The range of colours has been selected to match all styles and best interpret the taste of an increasingly demanding clientele.


our categories of skin

Premium Category

The Premium leather category encompasses various types such as Maya, elegance, natural. The Maya interprets the now established trend in fashion circles of combining modern stylistic requirements with the retro taste of the aged.
The NATURAL group comprises a type of leather that is multifaceted in its use and whose characteristics make it perfectly suited to modern and classic styles. The ELEGANCE group better known by the name MEZZOFIORE has a very natural, almost smooth appearance. Its characteristic softness gives it a nappa effect and it is very popular in the high-end upholstery category.

Royal Category

The leather upholstery category is further enriched by SPESSORATO, also known as dollar print. Both names take their cue from the two main characteristics of the leather itself, making it a high-class and elegant product especially for upholstering modern living rooms with clean and simple lines.

Luxury Category

This category with its elegant surface appearance and pleasant tactile feel proves to be one of the most successful products for upholstering sofas and armchairs.
The leather has a smooth, grain-free surface obtained by a so-called vacuum drying process that preserves its naturalness.

As leather is a natural product, it can have imperfections, a symbol of its authenticity and beauty.

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