The natural beauty of uniqueness

A precious, natural and refined coating. There are various types in the range, each with a different character. This timeless and durable material gives the sofa a unique and elegant style. The colours of the leather are varied and meet every need, equally important are the combinations of different coloured leathers. The range of colours has been selected to match all styles and best interpret the taste of an increasingly demanding clientele.


our categories of skin

Premium Category

The Premium leather category encompasses various types such as Maya, elegance, natural. The Maya interprets the now established trend in fashion circles of combining modern stylistic requirements with the retro taste of the aged.
The NATURAL group comprises a type of leather that is multifaceted in its use and whose characteristics make it perfectly suited to modern and classic styles. The ELEGANCE group better known by the name MEZZOFIORE has a very natural, almost smooth appearance. Its characteristic softness gives it a nappa effect and it is very popular in the high-end upholstery category.


The ETRUSCO represents the revival of times gone by. With its Vintage look, it is perfectly suited to both classic and modern styles. Carefully treated with pigmented waxes and anilines, ETRUSCO looks like aged leather and its lightening effect gives those special nuances typical of time-worn but still fascinating leather. Both the retanning process and the finishing are done with full respect for man and the environment.


PAMPLONA makes a thickness of 1.6/1.8 mm combined with softness and delicacy of touch its strengths. Produced on top-quality leather, it is finished using environmentally friendly processing techniques to preserve its naturalness and at the same time give it strength and durability. The range of colours is designed to be always up-to-date, adapting perfectly to current trends.


NATURAL has a very soft hand that gives a very pleasant tactile sensation. Thanks to the careful treatment of the grain and the use of selected ecological (or water-based) pigments, it is possible to obtain a leather with a very light and resistant protective layer and a bright and natural appearance. A very important feature is the total absence of a mechanical printing process; the grain comes from the manufacturing process it undergoes and is typical of full-thickness leather.


Naturalness, elegance and versatility without neglecting easy maintenance and cleaning of your sofa. The natural look has been achieved through the use of the most modern and advanced finishing technologies, which have been used to give the appearance of a nubuck and velvety skin, but without sacrificing the safety of protected leather. The colour range is designed to be always up-to-date, adapting perfectly to current trends.


TERRA leather is the result of continuous research and development that we have been conducting for years to offer an increasingly demanding market innovative and up-to-date products. Terra is the result of an evolution of the product better known as natural grain, of which it retains the main characteristics of a very soft hand, thanks to a specially designed retanning process, and a light, homogeneous grain that is pleasant to the touch.


The ELEGANCE article is better known as ½ flower because of its very natural, almost smooth appearance and the characteristic softness of the hand that gives it a tasselled effect. Lightness is ensured by a thickness of 0.9 to 1 mm and special fatliquors used in the retanning stage. A water-based and pigmented aniline finish and a print allows for absolute naturalness. The above characteristics require a careful selection of the coats for the production of the final product; coats from European or exotic herds.


Softness is achieved through special retanning and tumbling, which make the leather full-bodied and with a fine natural grain that is pleasing to the eye. With the wax and aniline finishing applied to the grain and the subsequent very light abrasion treatment, it is possible to achieve that characteristic worn appearance and the pleasant velvety feel that conforms perfectly to the lines of your sofa. La fase finale di lavorazione prevede un trattamento denominato “Idra” che offre all’articolo una leggera protezione in superficie.


Carefully treated with pigmented waxes and anilines, PULL-UP looks like aged leather and its lightening effect gives those special nuances typical of time-worn but still fascinating leather. Both the retanning process and the finishing of the art. PULL-UP are made with full respect for man and the environment.

Royal Category

The leather upholstery category is further enriched by SPESSORATO, also known as dollar print. Both names take their cue from the two main characteristics of the leather itself, making it a high-class and elegant product especially for upholstering modern living rooms with clean and simple lines.


The SPESSORATO process is further enhanced by a special print (dollar print), which recreates the optical effect of an absolutely natural surface. The transformation process of this type of leather, again based on natural anilines and water fixings, results in a soft leather with an absolutely pleasant silky feel. The care taken to protect man and his environment is always an essential variable, and one to which more and more attention is also paid in the production of this article.


Within leather upholstery, a prominent place is held by the buffed article with various types of print. Among them, the Madras press plays a prominent role. This type of article, with its elegant surface appearance and pleasant tactile feel, proves to be one of the most successful products for upholstering sofas and armchairs; capable of ennobling your living room whether classic or modern. The main characteristics of Madras are its lightness, given by its thickness of 0.9 to 1 mm, and its remarkable softness of touch, given by the section dyeing with natural anilines and the water-based finish.

Luxury Category

This category with its elegant surface appearance and pleasant tactile feel proves to be one of the most successful products for upholstering sofas and armchairs.
The leather has a smooth, grain-free surface obtained by a so-called vacuum drying process that preserves its naturalness.


The PANAREA article is the full-grain that always meets the most refined taste of customers who want to dress their living rooms with importance. Carefully selected domestic and European hair hides make PANAREA a full-grain leather of the highest quality. The important phase of fatliquoring and retanning gives the leather body, roundness, fullness and consequently an ultra-soft and supple hand. Finally, the delicate aniline finishing with ‘natural’ pigments allows the leather to have that transparency and that particular nuance of colour that is difficult to imitate on other articles.


Obtained through highly prestigious processing using vegetable tannins, the leather is further enhanced by the use of waxes and paraffins that fully respect the natural character of STONE, allowing the ‘perfection of naturalness’ to shine through. The leather has a very rounded and full-bodied hand due to the natural treatment without polyurethane pigments. On the grain of the leather, small ‘imperfections’ can be seen on uncovered hides that attest and guarantee the naturalness of the leather itself and make it a matter of further prestige.

As leather is a natural product, it can have imperfections, a symbol of its authenticity and beauty.

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