NicolaQuinto Italia - Divani dal Cuore Italiano

Nicolaquinto italia

sofas with an Italian heart

nicolaquinto is synonymous with high quality, craftsmanship and made in Italy.

Each model comes from different pencils and minds thus creating a heterogeneous and versatile collection.

A common distinctive element is the preciousNQ” pendant, symbol of a stylistic identification that makes our design unique.

Italian excellence in the world

High quality, craftsmanship and elegance represent the distinctive trait of all the creations of NICOLAQUINTO®, a company that is based on solid teamwork; each one with their own experience and knowledge, contributes daily to the achievement of each single goal and to the creation of excellent products.

NicolaQuinto on TV

The choices of our sofas by the television broadcasters is a confirmation of the path of professional growth, commitment and dedication in everyday work. A gratification that we want to share with the promise to continue to improve our products and overcome limits.

collection 2021

High quality, craftsmanship and elegance represent thedistinctive feature of all the creations of Nicolaquinto


The ModaMilanocollection  comes  from the selectionof the top models of the NicolaQuinto catalog, made with the best coverings on the market.

3.000 available upholsteries
combinations of materials and colors infinite

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